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America’s fascination with the royal family is continually growing. Years ago, Kate Middleton and her classy, regal style captured our hearts. We fell in love with her boy meets girl love story and all that was associated with her newfound life as a modern day princess.

Over the past year or so, our infatuation with the English monarchy was reignited with Meghan Markle’s unique and spontaneous courtship to Prince Harry.  Their passion for those in need and for each other naturally drew us all in to pay attention to each and every move they made.

Kate and Meghan’s past histories are as different as they come.  From the continent they were raised on to the men that they elected to marry, the way they have lived their lives are unparalleled. Regardless of those differences, they certainly share the strength of being original and amazing ladies of fashion.

Whether drawn to the classic-cut and feminine lines of Kate or the modern and more relaxed look Meghan normally is donning, e.Allen has worked extremely diligently at following these two lady’s leads and have brought some amazing pieces back to the states JUST in time for you to follow suit.  There is no way to establish a “who wore it better” approach.  The better advice is to see which royal your style is more in line with and have some fun at e.Allen mirroring that given look.

  • KATE: Florals and ladylike aspects of fashion abound in her wardrobe choices.  A bow-neck blouse (hello, English Factory).  A pleated skirt.  An embellished, pearl headpiece.  All of these dainty pieces scream English royalty. Lengthy, conservative dresses (French Connection, perhaps?). She is not afraid of color, though.  She has been known to integrate a little pop every now and again proving you can still pull off a polished look with a punch of fun!  Kate would also love our structured bags and clutches and lean towards understated accessories.
  • MEGHAN:  French modernism at it’s best!  The newest addition to the throne’s lineage would fall in love with our blouse selections and tailored blazers (Rails & anything SEN to name a few). High-waisted options are certainly a staple for her from pants to denim when she is allowed informality (JAMES).  To top off her look, an oversized hat or woven bag would likely be spotted on her (Lack of Color /Michael Stars). She has mastered the art of originality while falling in line with the “look” expected of one in her position.

Pick your princess…either way, you and your wardrobe cannot go wrong.  These women truly celebrate women and their originality in their daily look selection.  Individuality at its finest….and ever-so fashion forward!

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