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Never has the “OPEN” for business sign been more greatly appreciated!  e.Allen was thrilled to re-open its three storefront locations in May.  While our founder & CEO, Elizabeth Allen, put her fashion business expertise to keen use during our recent quarantine, nothing could adequately replace the feeling that our brick and mortar stores have in resonating with the e.Allen brand as a whole. 

Online shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery options all kept business up and running indeed. However, being able to welcome customers back into the stores was a gesture that our team had longed for.  While certainly adhering to suggested guidelines, our team was able to produce the longed for environment our customers always loved as well as keep them safe while they shop.  While navigating this new territory is new to us all, it’s nice to be back in the swing of things with the feel of the customer-client bond like our e.Allen brand is known for.

We certainly still suggest following our social media accounts and taking a moment to peruse through our new and amazing website, These two outlets of our e.Allen brand our being maintained with up to date arrivals and keen fashion forward inspiration.  With our online customer boom combined with our strong reopening response, we are beyond appreciative of our supportive client base and thankful for the support.  

2020 is certainly one for the books….but as we have said from the beginning of this notable year, e.Allen does not want to be a part of the problem.  We absolutely thrive at being part of the solution.

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