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Elizabeth loves to find new favorites….and pass them along to her people, of course!  While holiday shopping is hitting us all by storm, let’s get a quick rundown of our favorite fashionista’s go-to’s for the time being….

1. Slate Oat Milk Latte

Getting 20 grams of protein PLUS getting her morning coffee fix?  Both of these goals are easily accomplished with Elizabeth’s new favorite morning beverage. She loves this little concoction SO much, sometimes its her go-to afternoon pick me up as well.

2. Nook

After her recent Greece trip, Elizabeth is obsessed!  Since packing was vital on her long-distance vacay, she saved tons of space by getting the most recent Nook release.  From the new and improved light feature plus waterproof capabilities, this was a great purchase for her for travel and at home.  Add this one to the xmas list, ladies!

3.  Cymbiotika Vitamin C

We all know a good vitamin boost goes a long way.  From improved skin to internal benefits, Cymbiotika is a great health go-to!

4. Cure Electrolytes

Since this summer, Elizabeth has been drinking electrolytes first thing when she wakes up.  After noticing a tremendous difference, she is now a huge proponent of these electrolytes made with plant based ingredients and no added sugar.

5. Travel Sunglasses Case
It should be no surprise that Elizabeth brings multiple pairs of sunnies on my trips. This case is protective and holds 5 pairs in an efficient, space-saving way. This is a must for any traveler, male or female!

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