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We won’t lie: It can be a little daunting to mix patterns. We’ve been taught over the years that mixing the same pattern on top and bottom is a fashion faux pas, but designers are changing the tune this season. From matching patterns on bottom and top, to mixing stripes and floral patterns, this trend is all about stepping out of the norm and into a more fashion forward you!

How To Rock The Trend

Accomplishing this trend is easier than it seems, but most of the work getting it right will break your style rules. It’s definitely a “get out of your comfort zone” trend, but with a little confidence, you’ll see mixed patterns is incredibly beautiful and eye-catching.

Since this look is so hot right now, you’ll have no trouble finding pieces designed with this trend in mind. From skirt blouse combos, to pant suits, rocking these will be easy once you choose patterns and styles you like.

Pairing different patterns won’t be as ready-made as the previous option, so we say, for one, stick with the same color family. Having colors that compliment will make the outfit more polished, less thrown together. Also try and have one bold pattern, and one more simple one. If you were pairing two pieces with the same pattern this wouldn’t apply, but when you’re talking about two competing patterns, you’ll definitely want one to stand out and the other to blend.

For example, try a bold floral blouse and stripe blazer. Once you’ve got that down, then you can play with other things in your wardrobe to find how this trend best fits your style.

There is something to be said for continuously stepping out of your current style to see if new trends can work for you. It helps keep your wardrobe fresh, and gives you the confidence to express yourself in different ways. Give this trend a try this season. We think you’ll be surprised at how versatile it really can be.


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