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While a little white cami under your blouse may seem like a silly thing to spend money on, let us tell you how the quality of a cami can change an entire look. Whether it’s too short, too long, stretches out too much or gathers in strange places, a bad cami can make or break a great outfit.

Our soft cotton stretch camis (in black, grey, brown, cream, tan and white) look as good as they feel. Paired under a sheer silk, you really can tell the difference. The stretch fabric hugs close to the body in all the right ways.

You know what else matters? How you care for your basics. To keep the integrity of your undergarment, we recommend never drying your stretch camis. The heat from the dryer will melt some of the fibers, causing the garment to loose shape, elasticity and even ball up over time. We recommend tossing it into the wash on cold and hanging to dry. Since the fabric is cotton and polyester, these camis dry quickly making the hang-dry method not quite as troublesome.

The investment won’t be such an investment if you show your cami love. Enjoy!

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