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Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the e.Allen Murfreesboro team, Emily Luoma. See below to learn a little bit about Emily and be sure to swing by The Avenue and say hello!

Why did you want to work at e. Allen?

One thing I always appreciated as a shopper at e. Allen was how extremely helpful and kind the employees were, and that it was always so natural. I truly believe there is no other store environment I’ve shopped in like e. Allen; that has an atmosphere so welcoming and exclusive. Whether I walked out of the store empty handed or with too many bags to carry, I always walked out feeling confident and excited, and that is exactly the kind of environment I want to spend my time in! Knowing I could potentially make people feel the way I did after a shopping experience at e.Allen, was something I just couldn’t turn down!

Where are you from?

I was born in California, but have lived in Couer d’Alene Idaho, Wisconsin, then moved to Brentwood, Tennessee. I’ve spent majority of my life in Brentwood, and definitely consider the south my home!

What are you majoring in and why?

I’m an Organizational Communications (ORCO) major and marketing minor, approaching my last semester at MTSU. I chose ORCO because it is a major that focuses on nonprofit organizations and the dynamics and professionalism aspects that contribute to keep an organization thriving that makes no profit. This really interested me because volunteering is one thing I’m extremely passionate about. I am a marketing minor, simply because I love advertising, selling, and promoting a company or organization that I’m passionate about and believe in!

Who is your celebrity style crush?

I would have to say my celebrity style crush is Zooey Deschanel. Although our styles are vastly different, Zooey is always confident in anything she wears and I believe that’s something all women should feel.

What is your favortie fashion blog or magazine?

I love keeping up with Harper’s Bazaar fashion blog online, because it features several of my favorite celebrities in their latest trends. I typically stay away from the articles not focusing on fashion or latest trends, because I’m not one to keep up with celebrity gossip. However, sometimes having a good read about what Kris Jenner and what her family is doing next is my guilty pleasure and comedic relief!

What is one product or item you couldn’t live without?

One product I definitely couldn’t live without is my Keurig. I don’t know what I would do without my lazy Sunday morning coffee sessions with Pinterest and my heated blanket!

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