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Feeling good on the inside is certainly a strong, suitable accessory to any outfit.  As silly as that sounds, it is true!  At e.Allen, the ladies that work for Elizabeth know that to her, making a client feel secure and confident is the first step in achieving an on point look. What better way to achieve that inner self-worth than to fuel your body with food choices that improve your overall health and physique as well!

While we should all enjoy a good, old cheat day or occasionally nosh on a fried favorite, it is so imperative to know that good food fuels the soul.  Not only does it make us feel better to eat well, it sure helps us look better when sporting platform espadrilles or baring slight midriff in our favorite cut offs and crop top.

Thankfully, fresh food and caring about what goes into one’s body is a growing fashion trend.  The onset of health conscious eateries proves that society is caring about what goes into his or her body just as one cares about buying their favorite Show Me Your MuMu wardrobe staple:)

We have scoured our locations and have attached some good munching options for you to try.  With a wide array of options and dietary preferences, you should benefit from a great meal at any of the following locations.  You, and your hot bod, can thank us!

Nashville/Franklin Options:

  1.  The Turnip Truck Urban Fare (The Gulch)
  2. Little Octopus (The Gulch)
  3. grabbagreen (Cool Springs)
  4. Franklin Juice Co. (12th South)
  5. Juice Nashville (The Gulch)
  6. Fido (Hillsboro Village)
  7. Calypso Cafe (multiple locations)
  8. Sunflower Cafe (Berry Hill)

Murfreesboro Options:

  1.  Corelife Eatery (out Medical Center Parkway)
  2.  Lemongrass (South Church Street)
  3. Juice Bar (Thompson Lane)
  4. Blue Coast Burrito (Memorial)
  5. Sprouts/salad bar and vegetable options (Memorial)





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