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Easter is right around the corner.  While we often get caught up in the fixings for our family lunch or that egg hunt at the country club, Easter basket goodies are often an afterthought that gets remembered at the very last minute.

Thankfully, e.Allen has you covered for all of your needs to make your perfect basket complete.  From studs to eye-catching baubles to insane scents to sunnies, our store has received so many new arrivals that are small enough to tuck into a basket yet large enough to make a memorable punch at the same time.

When you pop by one of our stores or hop online to choose your fabulous Easter fashion for the day, don’t forget to snag a few of the following to make your special day extra special.


  1. Earrings – Our earring selection has never been stronger.  From larger Lele Sadoughi options to minimal studs, we have a variety of options to suit any age or need.  Perhaps grab a pair with a pop of color to celebrate spring’s warmer weather!
  2. Headbands – A headband is an absolute must this season.  From neutral hues to ones in a bold hue, we have so many to choose from.  Slide one on after a blowout or paired with a perfect, slicked-back pony.
  3. Beaded Coin Purses – All of our coin purses are SO fun!  Be it a catchy phrase or a playful pattern, e.Allen has one that is perfect for any basket.
  4. Riddle Oil – Our roll on perfumes are perfect to keep on hand to freshen up as the day wears on.  From airy, flowery scents to sexier, musky tones, try a few out to find the one that suits the recipient.
  5. Sunglasses – The sun is out!  Let’s find the frame that suits your face.  From tortoise to chic black, options abound!
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