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Events and celebrations abound in springtime.  Once Easter hits, there is a domino of happenings.  From Mother’s Day to graduation, it truly seems like the need for THAT personable and one-of-a-kind gift is on repeat.

As always, our buyers keep this in mind.  At market, they seem to have such a talent for finding items that suit any age, any style, and for absolutely any occasion.  As we celebrate being able to share these momentous occasions once again with family and friends, perhaps we are all enjoying and appreciating the act of gift giving now more than ever before!

Jewelry is always a good route to go.  Our cases are full of bold options as well as dainty, understated ones.  If statement-making geometric pieces tickle your recipient’s fancy, definitely check out our Ink + Alloy items along with our fresh Hearne Dry Goods items.  If minimalistic studs suit the occasion more, our HUGE selection of Kris Nations earrings are an absolute must.

Handbags are another way to make a gift a memorable one.  From our embellished options that scream personalization to natural, oversized straw ones beckoning to be taken on that upcoming vacay, our handbag collection has NEVER been stronger and as versatile.

Additional accessories from candles to luxe satin pillow cases round out our short, must-have gifts on the e.Allen giving list.  An easy option for the home is always appreciated and often a good route to go.  We have a variety of candles varying in scent and size and price point.  We also have a wide variety of travel cases and toiletry bags that are perfect for the grad or traveling momma, alike!

While we can’t hit each and every gift idea, this should get your mind going.  Make a list…pop by the store…and let’s knock out those lucky ladies that need a happy one by one!

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