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A complete look is always the end goal at e.Allen.  In order for an ensemble to have a perfect pop, every element must be in place.

While we strive to be your one-stop shop for everything from shoes to bags to wardrobe staples, an area we have to outsource is manis and pedis!

For spring 2022, we are seeing so many fun trends worth implementing.  From bold statement making manis to subtle, more traditional ones, seeing the way designers are choosing to compliment their wardrobe collections is inspiring.  There is certainly something for everyone; therefore, just like you choose your attire to suit your original style, approach a manicure in the same way.

So if you want to try out something new or stick with the pastel nail polishes and floral prints, take a look through this round-up of spring nail trends because there’s something for everyone.The following are some trends we have seen across the board.  Play around with some of them and see what has you feeling all things spring…from your fingertips to your toes!

Spring Manicure Musts….

  • The French Manicure is back in a big way.  With a perfect almond-shaped nail, this traditional look is a staple worth integrating this season.  If the classic French seems too understated and predictable, nail designers are loving a metallic twist by using purple or rose gold as the tip as opposed to stark white.  This is a fun way to play with color in a small way.
  • A pastel color pop has taken over the fashion world…and we’re here for it.  Think “spring in a bottle” as a trend to catch onto, and tend to whatever color suits your wardrobe and personality.  From robin’s egg blue to Barbie pink, going big in this area is a “yes”.
  • Flower power is all the rage this spring.  While normally saved for dress patterns and blouses, we are loving the overflow of blooms on the nails as well.  While the work to get this done is a bit tedious, the end result is worth your patience.
  • Stilettos are not just for the feet!  This nail trend is certainly one for THE bold at heart.  This nail shape packs such a punch.  Regardless of what color you opt for your polish, this nail trend is gaining momentum AND will gain most anyone’s attention.
  • Let’s swing to the opposite side to end our nail trend report.  The “natural” nail is an understated trend that circulated many runways this season.  From taupes to pale pink, going perfectly polished and traditional is an approach that works with everything in your wardrobe rotation and completes a look perfectly each and every time.
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