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We are all in a hurry.  That fact is inevitable; however, looking that way is not set in stone.

Our Elizabeth is a lady on the go.  Be it a line viewing, a ballgame, a meeting to-do, you name it, and that one is doing it.  Somehow, she always looks flawless in the process.  That doesn’t mean she looks “fixed” and perfectly coifed all the time.  What that means is she looks natural in her best original skin and is ready for whatever the day is throwing her way.

Elizabeth has found and tried and true method to achieve her noteworthy look in literally 5 minutes.  While her amazing wardrobe cannot be copied to the tee, her approach to a fresh face and completed look can be!



  1. Wash. Exfoliate. Prime face with serums and moisturizer of your choosing.
  2. Concealer Time. Hit the needed areas like under the eyes liberally. Elizabeth is obsessed with this one.
  3. Ilia’s Super Syrum is the next batter in the face line up. It’s peptides permeate the skin priming it for the next few steps.
  4. Bare Mineral’s powder keeps the face fresh with providing minimal coverage.  Our E likes to dab all over with brush.
  5. Next, Elizabeth loves to use the same formula on her eyelids as well as on her cheeks.  This type of application gives continuity to the face, and Ilia’s multi-stick is her go-to choice.
  6. Westman Atelier is HUGE for Elizabeth.  The brand’s highlight stick used on the cheekbone, center of nose, and chin keep her complexion light and bright.
  7. Moving on to E’s big and beautiful doe eyes.  She is all about a good lash primer along with a lengthening and dramatic mascara. Finish the eye with tending to brows as well.
  8. For a final, and subtle, e.Allen plug Elizabeth caps off her look with Fawn’s gloss in honey on her lips.  This vegan beauty line has become a staff fave.
Voila!  That’s it.  Your face will be on point and ready for whatever activity is on the agenda.  If you are going somewhere, might as well look and feel good while doing so.
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