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In the summer, we are all in need of a wonderful book.  Whether you are are heading to a beach somewhere or simply passing the time in your air conditioned home, to escape into a good book is a pleasure for most anyone!   A mystery?  A rom com?  A book of inspiration?  Regardless of the content you choose, all of our end goals are likely the same… want it to be a GOOD read.

There is simply nothing worse than allocating time only to find it useless. While choosing a book shouldn’t be super-complicated, a bit of thought and legwork on the front in can pay off in time well spent.  Our Elizabeth Allen loves a great read, and we let her share what’s on her reading list during the dog days of summer 2021.  The following are a few she has either fallen in love with already or hopes to delve into before this long-awaited season comes to a close…

  1. Storytellers Secret by Sejal BadaniWhen things are unraveling and life just seems simply too hard.…sound familiar to anything you have ever felt?  Jaya, a New York journalist, experiences hardship and needs to get away.  Therefore, she decides to venture back to her native India for some reprieve. Little did she know she would find the source of strength, inspiration, and the resilience in her character and family tree.
  2. That Summer by Jennifer Weiner – The boss of the best beach reads strikes again!  Daisy, a mom/wife/volunteer/etc., crosses paths via email with Diana Starling, a board room queen. While Daisy should be content with her amazing life, she becomes somewhat infatuated with Diana’s.  With wit and heartfelt charm, this book is great for those making peace with their pasts and yearning for a slightly more upbeat future.
  3. Four Winds by Kristin Hannah – The same author that wrote The Nightingale nailed in once again with THIS one.  The Great Depression yielded some of the most amazing stories of strength.  Elsa, the main character, must make the difficult choice of staying put and fighting for her land OR vacating the premises and heading to Cali. This book is a great historical fiction story that is completely relevant to the pandemic in a sense.  It’s eerie how history does tend to repeat itself in various ways.  This is the exact kind of novel that is perfect for book clubs or chatting about with friends over a charcuterie board with a good class of wine!
  4. Midnight Library by Matt Haig – If you could step back in time, what would you have done differently?  Haven’t we all wondered about if we had chosen that other college?  Dated that other guy?  Ventured down that different career path?  Imagine if you could actually see what would have happened if you went back and chose THAT other choice.  Yep, this is a must read that will leave you bittersweet.
  5. The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave – With a miniseries starring none other than Julia Roberts and produced by Reese Witherspoon, what’s not to love already!  Described in an online review as a “fast paced binge watch”, this mystery read starts off with the main character receiving a note that simply reads “protect her”. Hannah, the new stepmother, starts off on a physical and mental journey with her resistant step daughter to figure out where and who her year-old husband really is.  If you want your summer to end with a bang, put this novel in your cart asap.
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