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A piece of jewelry can be as unique as the one that wears it….and our fresh HART collection exemplifies that.

HART’s unique design options make you feel empowered and stylish with each wear. With a mission to create meaningful, high-quality jewelry that represents something significant, e.Allen didn’t think twice about adding HART to it’s jewelry and accessory line up.

Whether paired with a basic tee and denim or put with a v-neck dress, HART has a way to adding the right amount of “extra” to an ensemble and completing a look in the most perfect way.  The warmth a gold necklace can bring to an outfit adds depth and with the meaning behind each and every piece, originality follows suit.

Each piece is embedded with meaning in a modern, fresh way. Be it a charm standing for good luck, resilience, motherhood, or courage, your jewelry selection can truly represent anything you desire. The designs are long-lasting; therefore, a piece of HART will help you stay in your authenticity, cherish the good, focus on your intentions, and let go of whatever isn’t serving you.

e.Allen things that is just how life is meant to be, don’t you?!

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