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As mentioned before, fall is the “it” season for e.Allen.  While our brand is certainly known for fabulous, year-round appeal, this season and all that it entails gets our creative, fashionable juices flowing and keen sense of style reaches an epic height.

One of the main elements of style when the weather begins to turn is layering.  A layered look adds interest and depth to an outfit, and it certainly reveals one’s own individual style.’

An accessory that is truly one of the most personal choices one can make is a good hat.  Hats add a personal touch and reveal so very much about one’s taste and appeal.  Thankfully, our buyers do an amazing job adding many options to choose from.  The following 2 brands are our top carriers.  Let’s take a look at ones to look for and discuss how to elevate your wardrobe and add to your favorite, seasonal looks.

  • B-Low the Belt:  Originally, our buyers were drawn to this brand’s epic belts.  After such initial client success, we have expanded our love for this brand by picking up a few of their hats as well.  The Zephyr is an incredible transitional option due to it’s lightweight straw weave.  Paired with a classic henley and denim, this is a great casual look.  As the temperatures descend, the brand’s Noor Wool Hat is a wonderful choice to add some luxe and classic appeal.  Available with either a brown or black band, this hat works well with a neutral dress or chic cashmere sweater.
  • Wyeth:  Wyeth continues to be a customer fave.  This brand produces hats that give just enough structure without being too “fixed” and uptight.  The River is a classic look that carrier the French Modern flair we love.  From putting with a MISA dress to wearing with leather and a crisp turtleneck, this ivory hat is versatile and ever-so-chic. For a whimsy take, the Hollis is available in pink and hunter green and pairs great with just about any neutral dress like the Gioconda.
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