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With frequent technological advances across the globe and with new fashion trends for every season, it seemed inevitable that two ever evolving industries would either collide or unite.

Enter the technology in fashion era.

When considering wearable technology, one might think solely of a New York Fashion Week runway with a finale piece draped in LED lights. That is not the case any longer. There are stylish and attainable pieces that combine these two exciting industries, everywhere!

Audio Clutch

One of e.Allen’s favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff, partnered with Stelle Audio to create an audio clutch. Although similar to the Mini Mac bag our customers love, the audio clutch opens to reveal a pair of speakers. The piece features bluetooth capabilities, a stereo input port and up to 15 hours of continuous play. What other bag do you have that can do that? This is the perfect addition to any beach trip or pool day.             


In more ways than one, headphones have also worked their way into design. Kate Spade combined winter gear and electronics with her Big Apple Tech Earmuffs. The ear buds built directly into the polka dot knit muffs create a practical way to listen to music during the winter months. L.A. line Petro Zillia has created a hoodie that has headphones in the drawstrings. However, the headhones aren’t the only special feature of the hoodie. The 100% silk, back panel and the high low hem make this a staple piece any fashionista would be lucky to have.


Of course, if you frequent e.Allen, you know we’re fans of technology accessories like this Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case. From iPad cases to trendy USB ports, technology is no longer black, white and gray. It’s a place to express yourself.

As wearable technology continues to evolve, what will be your favorite?

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