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2019 is here. Can…you…believe…it? With each passing year, the e.Allen brand is exploring new horizons and expanding it’s options in fashion. At the same time, we are also doing our best at remaining true to our overall look and originality.  We think YOUR closet and wardrobe should be doing the same.

While customers pop in any of our three amazing locations in search of the perfect top or new pair of booties, many are completely unaware of the ongoing options that are available through e.Allen.  We recently touched on some of these concepts in our highly-anticipated Holiday Gift Guide.  Let’s take a moment to refresh your thoughts on investing in fashion.  You, and your closet, will thank us.

  1. THE CLOSET EDIT – At e.Allen, we do not want you to feel the pressure that everything you already have hanging in your closet must go.  A little help from us can go a looooooong way.  Having a tried and true e.Allen stylist come to your home and integrate some of our brand’s pieces into your wardrobe is a great option.  Imagine having your best girlfriend give you the honest truth about what to (and not to) wear!  We want you to feel fabulous in our purchases and for your wardrobe to be a capsule one to build upon for years to come.  Let us help it get there!
  2. THE STYLE SESSION – Holiday times are certainly packed to the brim with to-do lists and social events.  But let’s be honest, there is NO great time to pause and take time for ourselves.  You MUST schedule it in or time for yourself is simply a lost cause.  Purchase the gift of a Style Session and reap the benefits!  An in-house session at all of our locations is available and such a good option for the gal constantly on the go.  By coming TO us, we have access to a floor full of sizes and styles; therefore, putting together pieces and outfit options is simply a breeze.  One of our select stylists can meet you before or after hours and can have items on hand that suit your needs.  It is a simple concept, but life sometimes is not as complicated as we make it.
  3. The e.BOX –  Be it a gift that keeps on giving to you or that special bestie or family member, the e.BOX is a great approach to maintaining a consistent fashionista.  This box is the definition of catered originality.  Be it a monthly, quarterly, or annual gift, this box can be filled with items that suit the needs of a single closet.  From accessories to staples, our stylists can select the perfect pieces to build upon in the future (and with future e.BOX treats).  We all have gift giving on the brain for holidays.  Let’s change the way we approach gifting and let a wardrobe build upon our gifts  one box at a time.

All in all, one’s approach to fashion should not be made with a single shirt or a pair of earrings.  While you can certainly make a statement with either of those, BUILDING your closet and your wardrobe takes time and sometimes a little assistance.  Let us be the ones to guide you…and get you there in classic, yet fashion forward, style.



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