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One thing you’re absolutely going to see this fall is a lot of pattern on pattern. From short/jacket combos sporting the same pattern, to pairing different patterns, this trend can be tricky. Usually we think patterns go with solids, so breaking out of our fashion shell is easier if you have a little nudge. Well here is your nudge…

We suggest taking your pattern pairing slowly. Start by pairing things that are simple at first, such as a striped blazer with a floral dress or bold pattern with a neutral one.  

It’s also key, if the pattern is not identical, to make sure the color palate is similar and that the two complement each other. This may call for a little color wheel exploration, but we believe in you.

The most important thing about this trend is to be confident and have fun. Outer and inner beauty go hand-in-hand, so rock your patterns with confidence and we guarantee you’ll be a hit.

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