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With Spring occasions like Easter around the corner, traditional looks come to mind, but this year non-tradition is the tradition. Whether you attend church, hunt for eggs or simply spend time with family, there are many ways to mix traditional pastel hues, feminine cuts and airy fabrics while “hopping” outside the typical Easter style box.


Mix with pastels. Mint is the color of the season, and luckily it works perfectly for Easter. Its cool feminine color looks good on all skin and hair colors, making it an easy go-to color. From the dress to accessories, finding a beautiful made-for-Easter pastel won’t be difficult. Mix your pastel item of choice with an unpredictable pattern or bold color.

Layer the look. Find the right dress, skirt or pant, but don’t stop there. Add a contrasting scarf or nice belt to give your outfit a hand-styled look to set you apart from a sea of the same. Spice up pastels with funky patterns and statement jewelry to add dimension.

Make it yours. Fashion is about taking what you’re given and making it yours. You can still honor Easter tradition while stepping into a Springtime statement.

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