Lexi Gonzales

This leggy brunette is as sweet as pie…with the fiercest of fashion sense.  Her genuine disposition and cordial kindness make her easy to work with while her favoritism of streamlined garments keeps her looks elevated and current.  Denim, chic leather, and a passion for neutral palette dressing make her style grounded.  However, don’t be fooled.  This stunning young lady’s style is extremely innovative and bound to take her places.

lexi new image - e.Allen Boutique

Latest News & Events

For the Graduate…

The yearly task of gifting for graduates can be daunting.  During the busy spring season, trying to find THE perfect gift to honor such a special occasion can be rather difficult.  Thankfully, [...]

Bright + Bold…

While neutrals and classic, yet modern, ensembles are what our brand is often known for, our stylists are also known for their keen ability to play with some color.  This season, they certainly [...]

Celeb Style…

Jet setting off to The Hamptons or to a tropical locale, celebs have been spotted sporting the annual raffia trend in BIG ways.  Whether it’s to anchor a warm-weather look on their feet or [...]

Spring Cleaning…

Spring is here….and in order to be ready for it, now is the time to tidy up what you have and freshen things up a bit.  The increasing temps and seasonal happenings will have us up and [...]


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