Jacey Sims

A minimalist approach yields the most maximum level of fashion says our Jacey… and we agree that this lifestyle pins her style bio down to a tee. While her MOTHER denim selections and black bodysuit rank at the top of her go-to list, she also knows that the golden rule for all is “make sure to feel like yourself… just because someone is telling you it looks good but YOU don’t feel good, don’t buy it”. A simple, secure, southern gal that knows her original style and encourages others to find the same? We say, yaaaas girl. Our lead in the Gulch, Jacey, knows how to get you looking ever-so-good head to toe (and she insists… don’t forget a pair of something amazing to complete your total look).

Latest News & Events

All Things Denim…

Denim is THE fashion buzz word for 2024….plain and simple. Be it an everyday look or donning a look for an evening outing, e.Allen is loving how designers are making this material their own [...]

Spring Forward…

A true classic never fades away….a foundation that e.Allen believes in and is known for.  That concept certainly remains true with this spring’s wardrobe musts.  When something is SO [...]

Soak It In…

The winter can wreak havoc on your skin.  Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, the effects of the season can leave us feeling anything BUT glowing and revitalized. It is imperative to [...]


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