Elizabeth Allen

Being an owner and CEO of a booming brand can take its toll… on SOME people. Our Elizabeth Allen is a caveat to such. Her impeccable sense of style can range from an insane Gucci or Celine-inspired ensemble to a modern, Megan Markle-infused everyday look combining GOOD denim with a toboggan and a neutral top and booties. This hot (or shall we say “haute”) momma is all about the classics when styling her clients and yet peppering in some ever-evolving elements into one’s wardrobe. While a solid blazer is her go-to, our owner is spear heading an amazing core team of stylists by bringing runway looks and everyday chicness to each of our 3 locations. Don’t worry about looking for her….when you catch a glimpse of this fashion goddess, YOU…WILL…KNOW.

elizabeth allen stylist - e.Allen Boutique

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