Banning Cvengros

This polished, Bohemian-inspired beauty is as talented as a lead in our Franklin store as she is as a universal stylist. While always fresh-faced and bright, her personal style radiates through any given look portraying such tremendous individuality.  This lady loves a boot and hat while solid denim choices combined with a tailored blazer round our her core wardrobe.  She rocks that look…and enjoys helping clientele do the same.

Latest News & Events

All Things Denim…

Denim is THE fashion buzz word for 2024….plain and simple. Be it an everyday look or donning a look for an evening outing, e.Allen is loving how designers are making this material their own [...]

Spring Forward…

A true classic never fades away….a foundation that e.Allen believes in and is known for.  That concept certainly remains true with this spring’s wardrobe musts.  When something is SO [...]

Soak It In…

The winter can wreak havoc on your skin.  Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, the effects of the season can leave us feeling anything BUT glowing and revitalized. It is imperative to [...]


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