This polished, Bohemian-inspired beauty is as talented as a lead in our Franklin store as she is as a universal stylist. While always fresh-faced and bright, her personal style radiates through any given look portraying such tremendous individuality.  This lady loves a boot and hat while solid denim choices combined with a tailored blazer round our her core wardrobe.  She rocks that look…and enjoys helping clientele do the same.

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holiday perfection…

The holiday season is a great opportunity to showcase your original sense of style and passion for fashion.  Our festive options that have arrived by the truckloads are endless and finding some [...]

e.Allen LIVE….

At e.Allen, we love an event.  Our creative juices get to flowing and excitement and anticipation about presenting our brand to you in an innovative way is such a part of who we are and what we [...]

out with the old….

Charcuterie boards are most certainly loved and enjoyed.  The meats and cheeses offered and the presentation of a board please the palette and meet the needs of a gorgeous food presentation with [...]


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