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While some of us are counting down the days to fall break beach vacays, our e.Allen founder and her partner in crime are mapping out their next buying trip at New York market in the days to come.  Elizabeth and Megan are a winning combo in the fashion world.  They are market-savvy to the extreme AND this fact is proven time and time again.  This season, just like those preceding, will surely not disappoint.

While working away and planning for Spring 2020 is their top priority, showing a keen awareness for what’s hot (and haute) and dressing the part on their buying trips are imperative.  They are representing the e.Allen brand amongst fashion’s finest; therefore, looking good is of utmost importance.

So…what shall these ladies be packing up for market?  Let’s take a deconstructed approach and break it down for you.

ELIZABETH – e.Allen’s CEO will be rocking full force fashion in New York….no doubt.   Skirts, such as French Connection’s leopard slip and Blank’s finish line, will serve as a base for statement-making tees. Having outfits transition from day to night is key because schedules do fluctuate.  Sneakers by day and sandals by night also help the wardrobe to change with ease. Some elements of animal print, chic Lack of Color hats for no fuss hair, booties, and a leather jacket for evening warmth will all take a leap into Elizabeth’s NYC-bound luggage as well.  Something tells me the town that never sleeps will see a new take on it’s favorite color (BLACK) as soon as she hits the ground running! This gal is a leading lady of fashion…hence why our e.Allen brand is as strong as ever.

MEGAN – This one has been Elizabeth’s right hand woman since e.Allen’s conception years ago.  While known for her extensive work on the business and corporate side, make no mistake Megan knows her fashion and her original look SO very well.  While neutrals are a staple in her wardrobe, her favorite ever-flowing Free People dress will be stowed away for market’s opening day paired with some chic sneaks.  MOTHER denim paired with an animal blouse will follow suit anchored with this season’s textured booties.  Her innate talent at mixing dressier elements with casual ones is certainly a style that she masters with style be it in Tennessee or NYC!

So….there you have it.  Two of fashion’s finest showing New York all that they have to offer. Thankfully, the ones of us back home reap the benefits!

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