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Jambo!  The most highly-anticipated blog of the year is here!  As many of you know, our owner and CEO Elizabeth Allen recently ventured across the globe with her Uber-fashionable fam to Africa.  Day by day, our Elizabeth was kind enough to let followers feel as though they were a part of this incredible, life-changing event.

The days following her return have flown by; however, the memories that were made and the captivating scenes she came across will be forever etched in her heart and mind.  The following is a broad overview of her itinerary.  We were lucky enough to have her sit down and share with us about the enviable adventure Africa brought into her life.  

Micato Safari led them on their amazing journey. Due to the Allen’s love for all-things-animal, they had always set their minds on integrating a true African Safari into their travel wish list.  Micato Safari received their rave reviews and utmost respect.  From setting up all required accommodations to tailoring a trip JUST for them, the company had all deets planned to a tee.  They were even lucky enough to snag Tim Leperes, the #1 tour guide in the world, to lead them from one epic spot to the next.  Some of those included….


  • While staying at Hemingway’s Resort, the Allens were able to explore and take in all of Nairobi’s rich history and culture. While visiting museums, restaurants, and exploring the streets immersed with locals, they were able to rest up and prepare for the glory that lay ahead!
  • Amboseli was the PERFECT kick off to their game rides. Known for their magnificent scenery and exemplary game, this stop met it’s match in being named one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world.  They stayed in the cutest eco-award winning lodge, Tawi Lodge, which was set on a 300 acre private conservancy.   


  • This stop was one of Elizabeth’s faves.  Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs is an ultra-private experience with eight individual, spacious tented rooms.  The service was truly paramount!
  • The game rides were truly like playing a game of iSpy! While riding in open air vehicles, the fam enjoyed the loveliest picnic and went horseback riding.  With 56,000 acres of wildlife, so much was to be seen and taken in.  Spotting a lion at dusk while at their bonfire and hopping in a vehicle to follow him for a close up encounter was a treasure that will never be forgotten.


  • Maasai Mara was a true DREAM.  After waking up one morning at 4am to embark on a sunrise hot air balloon safari, Elizabeth and her family were able to see the animals from above…something that truly stood out to her amidst all of the amazing memories.
  • Her resort, Mahali Mzuri, is infamous for it’s 12-tented luxury set ups in the middle of the Kenya bush.  With such a breathtaking view,  Sir Richard Branson planned it out extremely well!  Like many of the other resorts, the family at night would be escorted to their room.  With no boundaries between guests and animals, they do this as a precaution.


  • The Serengeti is said to entail one of the most spectacular concentrations of animals on the planet. It’s one of Africa’s 7 natural wonders and has one of the largest lion populations. The Allens were lucky enough to immediately see a pride of 14 upon arrival!


  • The last stop on this insane adventure was the Crater.  It’s one of the world’s largest volcanic calderas, and home to the African Rhino.
  • Cobble stone, rich renaissance colors, and heritage is what Elizabeth’s last stop on the trip was filled with. Throughout their stay, the family spotted many animals laying in the pastures right in front of them.  With impeccable service that was above and beyond, this spot melted the hearts of the exhausted travelers for sure!
  • A tear filled last picnic and a closing “ceremonial” style dinner rounded out the last stop as well as the trip as a whole.  Local tribes and staff made this trip end on a high note, indeed.

To scale down the insane itinerary and picturesque sites to just a few is a daunting task; however, we at e.Allen hope you have enjoyed this amazing escape we all were lucky enough to receive just a taste from.  The memories, the experiences, the people, and the beauty God tied into each and every day are memories that will be forever ingrained in the Allens’ hearts….and hopefully, maybe just a bit in YOURS now as well.

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