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Post pandemic travel has certainly been anything BUT mundane and normal.  From trips abroad to tropical locales, travel itineraries are super-interesting and exciting.

Western destinations are getting rave reviews AND seeing a tremendous increase in traffic.  From group getaways to trips with a family-bonding focus, places from Jackson Hole to Big Sky are seeing a huge amount of visitors flock to their area.  The popularity of these towns is actually spilling over into the fashion realm believe it or not!  From GOOD boots to Yellowstone-esque jackets, market was filled with nods to all things western…and so far, customers are giving their nod of approval.

While it’s hard to narrow down our favorites, a few pieces from our fall 2022 collection are in a realm of their own.  Because denim actually began as e.Allen’s foundation, we had some fun starting off with some of those pieces we love most.


  1. The denim dress – COH isn’t just destined for the best jeans.  The Enzo dress that was a recent, new arrival looks insane with white and saddle-hued boots alike!
  2. The denim blouse – Bash produces upscale, classic blouses season after season. From the gradual puff sleeve to the white detailed button snap closure, we are loving the understated details that make this top a HUGE hit.
  3. The “IT” pair of denim – Well, MOTHER did it again. These jeans will go with every blouse and/or sweater in your fall wardrobe.  The wash is ever so flattering while the cut elongates the leg.


  1. The Wild West Jacket – Y’all….this MOTHER jacket is to die for.  While HQ members have been obsessed since it’s arrival, we are thrilled for it to hit the floor and to see how our stylists work their magic.  Paired with a simple white tee and denim, this is a Ralph Lauren-esque look with such  longevity.
  2. The Best Dress – Our new Hemant & Nandita line is a hands down fave of the season.  With intricate tassel detailing and punch red hue, this dress will make you the belle of the ranch!  Paired with crisp white boots, get ready to feel like an up and coming country starlit.
  3. e.Allen Boot Capsule Collection – Our boot collection is loaded with so many fabulous options we simply cannot pick just one pair to highlight.  From pairing with a mini to tucking up under a prairie-style dress hemline, adding a western flair to anchor an outfit is the perfect way to hone in on this trend.
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