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Every few months we love to unpack the coming season’s exciting new trends and think about fun new ways to incorporate them into our wardrobes. For spring/summer 2018, we’re seeing straw bags, neutral fringe details, floral accents (think tiered earrings and beaded accents), and pom poms galore!

We know the weather isn’t quite warm enough to break out your full summer wardrobe but we did want to share our top 3 tips for donning these warm-weather accessories a few months early.

  1. Try to focus less on straw being a summer-forward texture and more of the colors featured in your accessory. Straw and raffia both boast an easy-to-match, khaki tone that can easily be paired with a bold sweater and your favorite pair of boots. The added texture will easily serve as the focal point of your look and bring a fresh update to a typical fall/winter look!
  2. Don’t fear floral! Some of our newest in-store accessories feature floral patterns or details in bright pops of color, such as fuchsia, lemon, and sky blue. At first glance these might only be ideal for a beach trip or lake day, but consider pairing these with an outfit in a monochromatic color scheme. Rock a fuchsia earring with a pair of grey denim skinnies and our high neck cutout sleeve sweater. You can just as easily pair them with a complimentary floral sun dress when it warms up outside – try our saya crepe dress!
  3. Pom poms aren’t just for arts and crafts anymore, y’all! We saw poms incorporated in fashion in innumerable ways in 2017 from headwear to footwear. Though the three-dimensional shape of this detail can prove daunting, take advantage of this added feature! Pair your pom accessory with a coordinating polka dot or a contrasting stripe. Focus on playing with the shape that this component provides and it will open up a wide variety of styling options for you.

If you are interested in playing around more with seasonless dressing, one of our stylists would love to work with you! Call or submit an inquiry for our highly-coveted styling services.

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