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So, let’s keep it real.  In the past when someone was spotted donning a hat, one would assume that poor soul was having a bad hair day or hiding something.  Times, friends, have changed.  While hats used to be used for function (to keep our heads and ears warm), they are now being integrated into the fashion world as an accessory staple.  In all honesty, some looks now center around the hat rather than vice versa.

Fall runways were stocked with toppers ranging from ball caps to newsboys to wide-brimmed options.  The array of colors each style came in was equally as impressive…AND fabulous.  So while you are currently content to stock up on scarves and boots this season, make sure you allow an e.TEAM member to assist you in selecting a hat that suits you, your sense of style, and one that coordinates well with your latest e.Allen apparel.

While addressing each and every style is impossible, focusing on a few standard chapeaus of the season will set your wheels in motion.  Elizabeth and Megan’s trips to market allow them to touch, feel, and try on any item firsthand before it appears on the floor. By doing so, these two fashion-forward ladies were able to choose hats for e.Allen customers at a great price point and an equally fantastic look.

For starters, let’s discuss Lack of Color’s fedora.  The French modern look of these are incredibly chic and pair well with so many looks. From boho-chic to city girl, this style is sure to fit into most of your closet’s with ease.  The muted, neutral color of them go with almost any outfit.

If wide-brims are pushing it for you, the baker boy cap is a solid alternative.  Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss have taken a liking to this fun style and the celebrity world has followed.  Paired with some Spanx leggings and band tee for a casual approach or styled with a cropped sweater and a mini, this topper is a trend that appears to be on the rise.

Last, if all else fails let the ball cap do the trick.  While it used to be a go-to for celebs to sport while “sneaking” through the airport, e.Allen is stocked with options for you to wear. Be it running your everyday errands or while traveling this fall, a ball cap is a classic and easy accessory to have on hand.

Like icing on top of your favorite cake, a hat is a perfect compliment to almost any fall ensemble.  Let the ladies of e.Allen help you try on all of the styles in order to find the one that was made JUST for you.



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