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Regardless of where you are looking, hair accessories are making a big splash on the fashion scene this summer.  From insta-worthy looks to celebs making waves amongst the IT crowd, barrettes are making a tremendous come back, and the looks are on point and down right fabulous!

While these hair pieces bring a twinge of nostalgia to us, the hair game they are playing in has made them do a noticeable upgrade.  They’re adorned with pearls, many oversized, and some of them quite literally make a statement.  At this point, hair clips have become so popular that it can be a bit daunting to figure out where to start if you are looking to get in on the trend. As always, THAT’S why you have e.Allen!

Our buyers have done an amazing job in creating a wide array of hair accessory options, including the infamous barrette.  Whether in a hurry styling on the go or creating a look around a GOOD hair piece itself, our 3 stores and online availability give you more than enough options.  Trends we have seen in the hair accessory forecast include just some of the following:

  • Secure that updo.  Want a lovely way to hold those wispies in place?  Slip a barrette in in order to secure the style and add some oomph!
  • Hold back hair on a single side.  This style is old school glam at it’s best!  By pulling hair back on one side, you can show off a bold earring and highlight those cheekbones.
  • Top off a pony.  Who likes a boring elastic band?!  Give a sleek ponytail some overall polish with a tortoise barrette.  If you are going to a dressier location, pearl-encrusted barrettes up the ante a bit and certainly up your classy hair game.
  • Branded Barrettes are huge!  Show some love for your favorite one by rocking the brand’s name in a big and bold way.
  • Parting hair down the middle and adorning EACH side is an 80’s take on this new trend.  If gaining instant attention for a look-at-me ensemble is your goal, this take might be the one for you.
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