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After a departure from the merchandise-buying norm, our amazing duo of Elizabeth Allen and Megan Warren ventured off to market this month.  These two ladies have e.Allen inventory selection down to a science.  While virtual line viewings and distant buying has had to fill the in-person void over the past 12 months, it was awesome to hear them return from Atlanta market with stories of fresh finds….and amazing fashion.

Weeks ago, Elizabeth and Megan returned with a myriad of fashion tidbits regarding what’s staying, going, and what’s new on the horizon in the world.  While certain staples remain, fresh takes on what lies ahead within our industry had us getting ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the feels.  An element of comfort did seem to reign supreme.  After all, after the culture shock Covid 19 dealt us, it would be cruel to force us into rigid lines and an uptight wardrobe.  Designers seemed to really take into account the gently getting back into the fashion game was a good way for us ALL to win…..and for that, we are thankful!

Let’s hit the high points, beginning with denim.  Loose fitting and distressed options were everything for 2021.  The forgiving nature of these cuts are perfect for those of us (ahem, all of us) that might have found comfort in wine and sweet treats throughout quarantine.  High waisted options continue which keeps it all tucked in place as well!

Continuing on with this body-forgiving trend are loose, flowing dresses.  From minis to maxis, expect to see wide silhouettes with drop waists and effortless, breezy options that are great for layering now and for standing alone later into summer.

Playful patterns and novelty colors were prevalent on everything from cardigans to sweats.  While wearing a staple, it is fun to see how designers are making options fun and catering to individual style.  Pieces arriving in an array of crayon-box infused options will be popping up everywhere…including e.Allen!

Last, ease is key with shoes and accessories.  Crossbody and smaller-scale bags were everywhere.  Shoe selection also went for a neutral, toned-down statement or even encouraged sneakers being worn in coordination with just about anything!  Accessory and clothing manufacturers

In closing, Megan, our chief operations manager and buyer, came home with these top 3 tidbits to tuck into your e.Allen fashion radar……

  • SETS//From spring to summer to fall, you will be seeing this tandem throughout any season.  Great wearing apart but certainly pack a strong fashion punch when worn together!
  • ANIMAL PRINT//Channel your inner animal!  Pick your fave print from python to leopard and rock it with confidence.  From blouses to shoes to accessories, this pattern play is here to stay.
  • SNEAKERS//Just as mentioned before, we love the versatility a sneaker brings.  It echoes chic, girl-on-the-go without trying to hard.  Pairing them with a dress adds an approachability vibe with using them to anchor good denim cut offs has us ready for all things summer.
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