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Kourtney Kardashian has certainly waited her turn to walk down the aisle. While she has dated quite a few of celeb studs throughout the years, the eldest Kardashian held out until May 2022 to finally say “I do”.

While her Italian wedding certainly gained the most notoriety, Kourtney did capture the marital title in two other ensembles as well.  Let’s dissect the looks this fashionista wore on her path to officially becoming Mrs. Barker.


  • VEGAS//he Poosh founder, who went to the One Love Wedding Chapel early Monday morning after the 2022 Grammy Awards, arrived in a casual leather jacket and denim number.  While her neon yellow corset gave her rock n’ roll outfit a trend-worthy color pop, the casual look didn’t hold a candle to what was soon to follow.


  • SANTA BARBARA//The famous duo posed in one of Travis’ Cadillacs for a chic, old Hollywood glamour take on all-things-marriage.  Their courthouse nuptials didn’t receive a massive amount of attention; however, their pictures were just about as old school glam as you can get.  From her velvet pumps to her D & G white mini, every element of Kourtney’s style was on point.  The chic, shoulder length veil cemented the look before the Barker’s Italian departure!


  • ITALY//The famous family served up European glamour in Dolce & Gabbana ensembles while celebrating Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s wedding in Portofino.  Kourtney certainly stole the show in her D & G mini.  It featured a corset and was made of satin and lace. According to Vogue, the look was “inspired by vintage lingerie.”  This ensemble certainly sealed the deal…and most certainly stole the show.
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