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Jessica Alba, actress, wife and mother of two, has been remarked for her refreshing sense of  style since the early 2000s. It only makes sense that her personal style would eventually render a fashion design collaboration. Partnered with denim brand DL1961, Alba has designed a capsule denim collection that is as versatile as it is fun.

Now, these aren’t just regular jeans, these jeans contour. You heard that right! Creative Director of DL1961, Sarah Ahmed said, “Jessica has the ultimate feminine shape, and she works day and night on it. But when we met her she was like there’s so much denim out there and I’m such a girly girl and yet we’re always complaining about jeans. The way our fabric is engineered it sucks you in, and contours you and gives you that power sculpted look and she’s a business woman so, lights went off. The fabric is revolutionary as we weave it ourselves and is a tight weave. In addition, everything from the pocket placement to how we tighten and lift it at different points in the butt or the waist, is designed to sculpt your body. But you don’t need to be a certain size or shape to have the benefits of it.”” (

From the ideal jumpsuit to the perfect worn boyfriend jean to a black leather pant, this collection houses an array of styles made for everyone! Keep checking in, online and at both store locations, as we will be carrying this collection over the coming months!

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