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The ability to withstand the test of time…isn’t that most people’s definition of success? In the business world, that concept certainly holds true.  With the ebbs and flow of economic stability, certain businesses cannot press forward, much less prosper.

Well, dear friends, it is with pride to let you know that e.Allen is approaching it’s 10th Anniversary this fall.  Though birthed in it’s native Murfreesboro years ago, it has blossomed into a booming 3-store franchise with endless possibilities.  Elizabeth (the owner, buyer, face, etc. of the amazing e.Allen brand) has strived to grow her business, yet remain true to her customers and their individual wardrobe wants and needs.  Her ability to stay AHEAD of the top trends and have those fashion-forward pieces offered at a great price point make her the unstoppable success that she is.  Elizabeth’s undeniable fashion sense and her ability to cultivate a successful brand calls for one heck of a celebration.

At e.Allen, we love a party…and a partying we will do! In 2018, we have had surfing, florals, fun beverages, and other in-house events that have certainly been entertaining.  However, the level of of our 10 year anniversary will be epic.  From in store promotions to giveaways to a fabulous soiree in the making that would make the Kardashians jealous, e.Allen’s anniversary is going to be unforgettable….just like the past 10 years have been.

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