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While fashion is certainly number one on our fall priority list, fabulous food is near the top as well.  Every party, every gathering, and every other fall to-do includes food on its itemized list.  Just like there are fashion trends that withstand the test of time, certain elements of a menu are tried and true.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, a fabulous cheese board can always be a good element to a party like a classic Chanel bag is to a perfect outfit.

Whether mixed with fruit or charcuterie, you can make your cheese tray your own by changing up what is served alongside it.  The type of party, the location of an event, and other pieces of the puzzle might change.  However, having cheese board items ready to put into the mix is a sure way to produce a satisfied palette for almost anyone.

First, you have got to have a solid (& fun) foundation.  Marble, wood, slate, and other materials are great aesthetics to integrate.  Whatever you choose, make sure you have ample space to hold whatever it is you are about to assemble on top.  Remember to also sneak in a chic knife, if needed.

Next, select 3-4 cheeses that vary in taste, color, and texture.  The more appealing your tray is to the eye, the more likely it is your guests will enjoy it!  Try not to get caught up in what is right or wrong pairing-wise…because you simply cannot fail! The FABS acronym is good to keep in the back of your mind, though, as a quick guide.  The letters stand for the following varieties of cheeses:

F: Firm (Parmesan or Manchego)

A: Aged (Gouda or Aged Cheddar)

B: Blue (Gorgonzola or Stilton)

S: Soft (Bliss or Camembert)

Following your cheese selection, the final touches are up to you and the style you are wanting to reflect.  For a casual fall gathering outdoors, consider salty and crisp elements that won’t bite the dust in the weather.  For an elegant cocktail night, sneak it some charcuterie like prosciutto and salami and add some olives in a sterling silver piece. For these events, and any other type in between, you simply cannot go wrong in serving a cheese board at any event in your fall calendar.  From fruits and nuts to meats and spreads, the possibilities are endless. As clothing reflects our style, let this menu item reflect our fashion-forward taste!


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