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Meal planning and advanced prep all sound great, am I right?  However, these good-willed attempts often fall flat.  Most of us want to eat healthy and feel (and look) better.  Instead of going at this goal and failing, how about starting small and taking things baby step by baby step.

Insert this basic concept: FRESH.  Fresh eating is a simple thought that is easy to remember and even easier to implement.  While a tad more expensive, focusing on putting “fresh” items into your body is a mantra that couldn’t come at a better time with swimsuit season on the horizon.

It’s well known that eating a variety of foods is optimal when it comes to our health. However, some key foods have a special effect, and adding them to your diet is a great idea for an extra healthy boost. While your mind might initially go to grabbing an apple or banana, let’s face it…sometimes that sounds non-satisfying and flat out boring.

Creating a bowl is a great way to add more than one beneficial food item in a single sitting.  Not only does that cross off more than one nutrient, it’s actually fun to create and pleasant to the palette AND the eye.  The more excited you are about your meal, the better it’s going to taste and the more satisfying it’s going to be.  Let’s get down to basics of a fulfilling bowl!


  • First, pick your base.  Be it quinoa or another grain or grabbing something grain, having a healthy foundation is key to a good bowl.
  • Next, load up your bowl with a variety of fruits and veggies.  From cucumber and tomatoes to mango and berries, the options are endless.
  • The following step is adding a protein or additional “toppings”.  While chicken or tofu are easy options, edamame or sunflower seeds are other add-ons that are great ways to cap off your meal.
  • Last, top your bowl off with whatever brings it all together.  If Greek sounds good, a dollop of taziki or hummus are options worth mentioning.  For those that have created more of a salad, vinegarette-based options are good to have on hand.  Just remember not to drown all of your healthy work with too much!

When a run to Whole Foods or popping in CoreLife is not in the cards, having fresh options to assemble together will save you some money and save your some time.  Eating fresh while the temps ascend will not only become more fun, your body might just thank you for it in more ways than one.

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