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Podcasts gaining speed and momentum as 2022 continues is certainly no surprise.  The lists of stations and topics are endless and the fascination of all-things-pod is only growing.  At the close of last year, over 120 million listeners were reported!

With all of the excitement, however, finding podcasts of interest to you can be a bit overwhelming.  Where to start?  How to find?  Those questions and more can keep certain listeners at bay rather than indulging in the fun of navigating through good content and knowledge…and hilariousness.

The main ways that people discover new podcasts to listen to are via recommendations on their listening app, through word of mouth from friends, through promotions on other podcasts, and on social media platforms or websites.  While all of the “suggestions” are great, the following are a few we have come across or recs that are getting noteworthy momentum and accolades.

Our Top 10 Nods…

  1. Hot Buttons:  Let’s start with a fashion-focused podcast.  This one that just launched is indulge-worthy and discusses the future of fashion with some humor and pop culture banter.
  2. Why Won’t You Date Me:  Absolute hilariousness.  Nicole Byer is boldly single and confused as to how she still is…..despite being SO fabulous at everything.
  3. 60 Songs that Explain the 90’s: For any of you “elders” that love 90’s music and recall MTV as a favorite pastime, THIS is your podcast.
  4. Table Manners:  This mother/daughter duo bring laughter to the table with special guests ranging from Ed Sheeran to Billy Porter.
  5. The Dropout:  Based on the real-life experience of Elizabeth Holmes, this podcast coincides with HBO’s documentary and is as thrilling as it is entertaining.  Whether you are on the academia end or just one that loves a thrilling, non-fiction theme…..this podcast is sure to entertain.
  6. Ki & Dee: The main reason to plug in are the extremely funny songs about the lives of single millennial women.  While first recorded on social media while the pair were holed up in lockdown, these two know how to have a heck of a time….just as a party of two!
  7. Unreal/A Critical History of Reality TV:  From The Hills to Big Brother, this podcast discusses the entertaining and seriously-messed-up sides that reality TV entails.
  8. The Daily:  Want ups-to-date news without the black and white newspaper?  The Daily is a great way to hit current topics on the go or while doing chores about the house.
  9. Stuff You Should Know:  Continuing the news-related theme of The Daily, this podcast is a continual list of things every American at any age should keep on file.  Grounded in science and truth, this podcast will help you win a gameshow or bar trivia…and feel a bit smarter.
  10. Office Ladies:  Get ready for a laugh.  Two faves from The Office break down different episodes and discuss why they were hilarious and behind-the-scenes occurrences.


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