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Our own Elizabeth Allen recently added a new notch to her professional belt, and we are beyond proud of her performance.  After being bribed a “wee” bit by dear friend and fellow business woman Landyn Hutchison, Elizabeth agreed to participate in the highly acclaimed “Living with Landyn” podcast.

Obviously, these two powerful, influential, and stylish ladies worked together seamlessly.  From starting a business to maintaining a well-to-do staff to being dressed to impress and ready to mix and mingle…these ladies dabble in just about every topic under the sun during their easy to follow podcast discussion.

Landyn was bombarded with questions for her guest prior to Elizabeth’s arrival.  Since our Elizabeth is such an invaluable source of information and expertise, Landyn tried to whittle the myriad of questions down to a mere few.  Some of the main ones that gained momentum in the conversation were as follows:

Living with Landyn Podcast High Points:

  1. Elizabeth’s background and passion for business and entrepreneurship
  2. How e.Allen’s brick and mortar concept started
  3. Advice for starting a business (reports, what’s your brand, what does your store name stand for, aesthetics)
  4. Inventory Selection
  5. What keeps Elizabeth thriving and her e.Allen brand relevant and growing and evolving.

To hear this amazing duo’s convo from beginning to end, follow this link:

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