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We all love GOOD nails, don’t we?  While we love the finished product, the cost of it all and the effort it takes to go to a salon for the service, itself, can be deterrents.

Insert: ohora.  The top selling gel nail service in Korea and Japan is making its way stateside and the response is unanimous.  This at-home gel manicure system looks insta-perfect and is super easy to apply.

Via, the available designs are broken down into collections that can help narrow down your wants and needs.  Be it a neutral color palette or a pop of something super-fun, ohora has a variety of hues and variations.  For a traditional take, the bare collection is a great place to start for beginners or those who prefer minimal nail design.  To up the ante a bit, the French chic collection adds a slightly modern twist and subtle element of excitement. The additions of embellishments, artistic elements, and many other varieties for your nails exist as well.  Let your own personal style dictate the direction you choose!

The process is simple.  Apply your selected nail collection.  Place hands under the elite light that easily adheres the gel to your nails with ease.  Done.

With over 10 million sold and rave reviews that have followed, the ease of the application plus the pristine, completed look makes ohora an easy “yes”.  With the end goal being to have pro-quality nails at home, we say mission accomplished!



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