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Every season the color palette changes. From last year’s bold neons and vibrant patterns, to almost exactly the opposite, this season is all about feminine floral and muted pastels. Most people either feel they look good in pastels or bright colors, but what makes this season’s colors so interesting is they aren’t just muting out traditional colors. They are muting them all! From orange to blue, no color is escaping its muted fate this season.

How To Rock The Trend

It’s simple. Find a color that suits your style and skin tone and rock it. From mint green (a store favorite) to soft pink and melon, you’re going to easily find a muted pastel to fit you this season.

Paired back with denim (no matter the color) these colors are effortless and stunning. Get prepared to be ogled, and don’t forget to tell them where you got it. 😉


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