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Our e.Allen HQ location hosted a lovely tea party in honor of a collab with FIG Design Company this spring.  The lovely Sunday afternoon was full of light bites (think cucumber sandwiches and petifores), lovely pieces to add to your interior spaces, and full-on feminine styling.

While capsule wardrobe selections and fashion are our traditional cup of tea (no pun intended), the interior design selection knowledge that FIG founder Ashley Hardison brought were immeasurable.  Subtle touches were certainly her specialty and the offerings available during the spring pop up could literally suit any home environment and elevate a given space.

Some of our fave finds and takeaways from this captivating event included the following…

  • Greenery: From topiaries to terra cotta pottery, Hardison certainly showed an appreciation for bringing Mother Nature indoors.  Bringing the outside in creates a warmth and connection to the breathability to the outdoors.
  • Woven Accessories:  Woven charges and wrapped glassware brought an interest and texture to a given piece.  This trend is fun to integrate into a pool house addition as well as to your kitchen table.  
  • Vintage Dishes: From dainty coasters to larger serving platters, FIG is a huge believer in the unique feel that antiques can bring to a space.  Hardison is truly an expert in appreciation of the past; therefore, integrating English ironstone/transferware is a significant “must” for many of her spaces.
  • Baskets:  For actual usage or lovely display, FIG certainly believes that one must never underestimate the value a GOOD basket can bring to a display.  Whether holding a book collection or a vignette of arranged items, baskets are a great living room accessory.  Hanging an oversized one on a way or using a picnic-sized one to get items to and fro is also encouraged.
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