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With the growth of Middle Tennessee in recent years, we’ve seen a surplus of new restaurants opening. Nothing is more fun than trying out a new menu and fun new drinks you’ve never had before! These unique experiences have inspired us to create a new drink of our own. Our spin on the classic Moscow Mule is a refreshing, vanilla infused beverage that is just 4 ingredients! We recently discovered Sipp Sparkling Organics and can’t get enough. These fruit and herb combination organic drinks are as delicious on their own as they are with a few add-ins. Their Ginger Blossom flavor, with hints of ginger, vanilla, and lime, was the inspiration for the drink we’re sharing with you today.

Our Vanilla Mule begins with 1.5-2 oz. of vodka and 1 oz. of lime juice over ice. Top this with a generous pour of Sipp Ginger Blossom, stir, and garnish with a stick of vanilla. Not only is the vanilla visibly appealing, it can be added in the drink for an extra pop of flavor! We love serving this in a copper mug atop our marble coasters, in-store now!

Don’t worry, we absolutely give you permission to use this one at your next dinner party. You can thank us later.

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