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Covid, flu, seasonal colds…regardless of which illness you are attempting to dodge during this season, laying the groundwork with good nutrition is a good step in mitigating your chances of getting ill. While no sickness can completely be avoided, a solid nutritional foundation is certainly not going to do anything but help!

For starters….careful planning mixed with flexibility is key when dabbling back in the land of healthy eating.  Too rigid of an approach will undoubtedly fail!  The key to success is finding foods you enjoy that are packed with antioxidants and other germ-fighting components. It’s the only way to stay on the path to a healthy, happy winter!

Another easy way to get the party going is guzzling extra H2O.  Water has a TON of benefits. Try drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day to keep yourself fully hydrated since we tend to lose more fluids when we’re sick.  Adding in some extra water consumption on the front end is simply a good way to not get behind.

Adding color into your daily diet is important as well.  The phrase “eating the rainbow” provides you with a prettier palate on your plate as well as options to keep your body in tip top condition. Fruits like oranges, broccoli, peppers, and berries of any kind are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, and other must-have nutrients.  Choosing at least two of these to sneak into your meals is what docs say to shoot for.

Yogurt is a great go-to that’s a great choice to grab at the grocery this winter. Containing live bacteria cultures, yogurt can help your gut stay healthy. Yogurt provides your bod with protein, calcium, and vitamin D. Topped with some granola or cinnamon and honey, it can also help meet that sweet tooth craving.

Last but not least….nuts. They are powerhouses of energy and nutrients. Full of protein and heart-healthy fat, nuts add texture, taste, and a mouthful of antioxidants to any dish.  They are also super-easy to transport and eat on the go….which seems to be how we all are eating these days!


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