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With 2023 now in the rear view mirror, the next holiday that will be here before you know can, in fact, be a tricky one.  Insert: Valentine’s Day.

While a special something can certainly hit a high note with most, the gift of time is a heartfelt way to show love and admiration for your significant other AND display an interest you have in what he/she loves. The following is a suggestion of things to do on Valentine’s Day for couples to inspire how you spend your time together. While some are unique activities, others make the everyday extraordinary. While certain options feel casual and comfortable, others are a tad “fancy”.  Whatever route you take, it will be a special one because of who the road is taken with.

For the long-lasting couple….

  • Maybe you have dated since high school?  Perhaps you are enjoying a Valentine’s Day sans kiddos who are off at college?  Regardless of the reason you have been with your significant other for years plus, sentiment is likely at the heart and soul of your relationship. A fun way to relive the past and enjoy the present it to think of a favorite date you went on together or even your first date and then plan how to recreate it. Another option to show that the longevity of your relationship is to make playlists for each other. Spend some time putting together playlists on your favorite streaming service.  For the big reveal, have each other’s favorite beverage on-hand and listen to the memories.

For those in the beginning of a love story…

  • Thinking this relationship might be “progressing” to the next level?  To be in sync with that vibe, plan a progressive dinner night. Why eat at one restaurant when you can make your way to a different one for drinks, appetizers, a main course, and dessert?  This keeps the environment changing and the topic of conversation less fixated.  Attending a mixology class, either in-person or online, is another way to keep things moving a shaking (literally).  Fixing a few different beverages and having an activity to keep you entertained along with the way might just be the start of a fun night as well as the start of something special.

For those celebrating with a party greater than 2…

  • Your friends and/or family are integral parts of your life along with the love of your life.  Whether they have been there along the way or are watching your love life take off, hanging with them can make this annual night a bit more fun.  A game night….a night out at a fun, yet off the beaten path, restaurant….or an activity like roller skating or pickle ball are all options that are super fun with paired with a group.

A day date….a last-minute trip…taking a hike off the beaten path…the options are endless.  Whatever you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this go-around, as long as you are with the one you enjoy spending your time with, we deem it as a huge v-day win.

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