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The Human Sciences Department at MTSU presents the Annual Fashion Runway show on April 1concept nearly a year ago.1, 2014 at 7 PM in the James Union Ballroom. Regular admission is $20 and VIP admission is $50 and includes a reception hosted by the Runway Show Advisory Board, a group of alumni and community supporters of the Human Science Department. 

This year will showcase pieces in reflection of the 21st Century to Art Deco: Machines Motion. Machines in Motion is a student produced fashion runway show that was presented as a concept nearly a year ago. This theme and the promotional strategies for the fashion runway show were developed during the 2013 Spring semester Textiles, Merchandising & Design Promotion class. Students divided into 5 groups to plan and execute every facet of the show- merchandising, modeling, promotion, staging and budget. 

“We want people to admire the student’s creativity,” says Dr. Jasmin Kwon, TXMD professor. “They have created beautiful designs, while preparing themselves to enter the industry and make immediate contributions. The audience will be amazed at their talent.”

Take a journey with us  as we venture from the beginning of the 1930s in Henry Ford’s Economy Car, where we see the devastating lows of the Depression. Then we will hop into the Art Deco inspired Bugatti Atlantic Coupe. We arrive at our final destination in the luxorious lives of the rich and famous in the awe-inspiring Bentley Hardtop Coupe. Whether it’s pearls or rags, this decade has a fashion statement unlike any other.    

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