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Welcome our newest hire and Sales Lead in The Gulch, Micayla Aponte! Let’s learn a little bit more about Micayla..

Q.) Why did you want to work at e.Allen?

 I always want to be somewhere where I would personally buy the product or service so e.Allen was that first and foremost.  But most importantly I wanted to be a part of something that’s fun, where the people are friendly, and where there was so much for me to learn. Even with the short time that I’ve been here I can see that e.Allen is definitely that plus some!

 Q.) Where are you from?

 Nashville, born and raised!

 Q.) What was your major and why?

 I majored in Fashion Merchandising at MTSU. Since I was little I’ve been obsessed with fashion! It started out as just wanting to study something that I already knew I loved, but it became so much more. I learned that fashion was my way of reaching and helping others.

 Q.) Who is your celebrity style crush?

 Rihanna! You can’t use one word to describe her style and you never know what she’s gonna step out in. She takes chances most people wouldn’t.

 Q.) What is your favorite fashion blog or magazine?

 Vogue, it’s considered the most powerful fashion magazine. Sometimes the best part is who’s on the cover, and reading about their significance or interest in fashion.

 Q.) What is one product or item you couldn’t live without

My phone! It’s how I keep in touch with everyone and how I stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends. 


Make sure to swing by our Gulch location, welcome Micayla, and let her style you in our new spring arrivals!

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