Your Exercise…

We all have our favorite outlet for physical well-being.  While those of you with your Peletons are riding high, others are on the struggle bus.  If group exercise was your thing, you are probably hurting more than anyone.

Rather than focusing on the negatives and longing for your long-lost exercise routine, it’s time to think outside the box and leap out of that comfort zone.  Whatever you choose might not be the perfect fit.  Thankfully, any route boosts those endorphins which will elevate your mood…and keep that body you have worked so hard for in tact!

  • Let’s be honest…this epidemic is totally putting a wrench in our summer 2020 beach bodies.  The irony is that exercise is recommended to keep you healthy and boost immune systems during this time.
  • Make youtube, Apple TV, and other media outlets guide you if you need some inspiration.  You can literally search for anything and find something to check the box for the day!
  • Exercising indoors IS an option.  Try to integrate more than one muscle group.  From arms to abs to legs, focus on different areas at different times.  Your overall physical appearance will thank you.
  • If you’re not self-isolating or unwell, the experts agree you and your family can still go outside to exercise at this stage.This advice is key in your physical and mental health.  Walking with friends (with distancing), incorporating boosts of speed into a jogging routine, going on a hike or venturing into a new neighborhood…..anything moving is great for mind, body, and soul.
  • Getting your children or animal outside will be a domino effect…in a positive way.  If they are outdoors, then so are you!  Fresh air and a little activity are little bits of sunshine during the day after day routine.
  • Make sure you are not just sitting.  It’s not healthy….at all.