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While previous holiday seasons had us jet setting and going to a myriad of places, this year is certainly giving us all a different vibe. Perhaps, a slight bit of travel is on some of your radars; however, for most of us this winter has given us a a one way ticket to a place near and dear…..our home.

Though the walls of our home-sweet-homes can seem to be caving in at times, establishing a sense of self and feeling good about our overall appearance can certainly help. Beauty is most certainly NOT everything…..confidence and self worth, though, surely are!

Per usual, e.Allen buyers were ahead of the game at market.  Be it pre-Covid purchases or via virtual line viewings, our stores (both brick and mortar as well as online) have gotten ahead of the game on marrying comfort with fashion.  Be it a luxe gift for yourself or a little mid-week pick me up, the following are some great e.Allen items to have you looking haute at home.  Be it family, a pop in neighbor visitor, or a solo night in, the following will have you looking simply fabulous in your humble abode!

Top 10 Must Haves for the Home….

  • Bella Dahl Cashmere set
    • This neutral set is amazing.  Wearing together or separate provides you with multiple outfit options.
  • Catwalk PJ Set
    • The most comfy and stylish jammies ever!  Look chic and do so in comfort!
  • Venus PJ Set
    • For the understated, tailored pj lover…this set is great EVEN IF a pop in visitor arrives!
  • Sen Lurex set
    • Casual luxury at it’s finest.  This neutral, cream set is fab paired with some fun sneakers or animal print slides.
  • Slippers
    • Black, camel, cream, you name it….every color way and style imaginable.  These are the perfect gift option for now and the perfect treat for you for later.
  • Safari Leopard Set
    • This brown and black patterned set will keep you warm when running errands and keep your look on point.  It’s a win-win!
  • e.ssentials
    • Our sweatshirts and leggings are on brand AND in style.  They allow you to be comfortable and fashion forward.
  • Shower Cap
    • While currently as a goodie in our Collegiate Bundle (which you can still snag JUST in time for the holidays), snatching up one of these precious and patterned shower caps saves a HUGE step by keeping your hair dry.
  • Knotted Headband / Brunch Scrunch
    • A good hair accessory is key this season.   A one size fits all gift that is bound to come in handy!
  • Tatine Candles
    • e.Allen has an array of scents which will allow you to find the one that is just right.  The packaging is stunning and also a great option for a gift on the go.
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