When our owner and CEO Elizabeth Allen returned home from New York last fall, the excitement of what is to come in the fashion world was evident.  She, along with our insanely talented Social Media chair and head of operations manager, all returned echoing similar comments regarding the big trends they spotted and purchased for our booming e.Allen brand.

While visions of runway shows and market showrooms occasionally blend together, SPRING 2020 is THE season of the shoe.  Get….ready…..ladies.  If what is already rolling in is any indication of what our buying team did at market, the insane selections e.Allen made in the shoe department are bound to not disappoint.

From casual to sexy to neutral to eye-catching, every type of shoe you might need to add to the shelves in your closet will most certainly be found at our store.  If there is any trend worth remembering in the season to come, it’s the one you’ll be walking in. Even if you are not THE shoe gal of your fashion forward group, hath NO fear….the perfect pair awaits you.

For the die-hard minimalist, thin and simple sandals are huge.  If you consider yourself classic and Megan Markel-esque, I am talking to you. The naked sandal was evident in multiple showrooms across the board.  They are easy to wear.  They are easy to slip on to complete a fabulous, new spring look. They….are….everything.  The Kaanas pair e.Allen currently has in stock would pair insanely well with the majority of your wardrobe.  Snatching a pair early will keep you on trend and outfit-completion ready.

Square toe shoes are our next tremendous must have of the season.  Every silhouette and every height is a “do”.  While subtly stated, it is a fantastic new trend to slip into as the temperatures begin to rise.  With the heaviness of detailed boots and booties in the past, these evoke a love for a good pedicure and prove our readiness for some much needed vitamin D from the sun.  Dolce Vita’s Zida is available in black and reptile print, either of which are great with elongated denim shorts or flowy dresses.  They are so good and versatile…why not sneak both into your next purchase?

Now…I know some of you sporty gals are eye-rolling at this point.  e.Allen has NOT forgotten you.  Sneakers…..ARE…..here!!!!  From high tops to low and from metallics to animal print and bold color detail, e.Allen loves a solid sneak:). Fashion and comfort can certainly go hand in hand, and our current selections available are a testament to that.  Matisse has a solid representation on our shelves right now.  All of them can be dressed up with a flowing maxi or paired with a sweats set when you are jetting off on your upcoming spring vacay.  Wherever you are going or whatever you are doing, our sneaker options are sure to be an eye catcher.

Overall, the shoe trend for spring is returning to slightly more classic, 24-7 type styles.  While updated, your spring 2020 shoe selections should really become closet staples.  Have some fun updating your wardrobe and knowing that these good shoes will anchor your closet from sailing away too quickly!