get ready, get set, glow!

get ready, get set, glow!

2018 has certainly been the year of color.  Bold hues were spotted early on in the fashion world, and glimpses of rainbow-infused outfit elements have been increasingly noticeable ever since.

While many prism colors have debuted, no color has had more prominence than yellow.  The marigold tone has been mixed with patterns or integrated with a neutral palette in mind.  The zest it effortlessly carries certainly allows it to stand on its own as well.

e.Allen was ahead of the trend when spring and summer orders were placed midway through 2017.  Elizabeth and Megan knew the color would hit the floors at all three locations in high demand….and boy, were they right!  A canary, tie-neck dress….a color block satchel integrating pops of yellow in perfect proportion….the list of items echoing the bold hue have been everywhere in e.Allen’s fabulous stores.

What is even better news to those that have purchased these pieces is that the next few months will only perpetuate the obsession.  Yellow will carry equal weight in cultivating your transitional fall wardrobes.  Incorporating a yellow skirt with a flirty black top or intermixing it with a tan, suede piece from e.Allen’s fall collection will certainly make you the bees knees at any gathering.  If a main item is too much for your taste, e.Allen’s widely-popular accessories are sure to help you pull off the prominent pop of color without hesitation.

Long story short, yellow is remaining and is an sure way to achieve fashion success.  We simply could not be happier about it’s extended stay.



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