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From classic earring styles to bracelets we love to layer, the Caroline Hill jewelry line fits seamlessly with the e.Allen aesthetic. Auburn Graduate and President of Caroline Hill, Evan Wortman, recently answered a few questions to help our readers get to know the line even better. Check out what she had to say!

1. How did the brand Caroline Hill come to fruition? When I was at Auburn, I always wanted great looking jewelry but didn’t want to pay the designer price.  I felt like I could always find great clothes but accessories seemed cheaply made or they cost a fortune.  When I graduated, I started doing small trunk shows to see what type of designs people liked and what price points worked.  After lots of researching and lots of trunk shows, I decided to start my own collection and create what I was never able to find for myself!

2. As a continually evolving brand, what does fashion mean to you? Fashion to me mean looking good and being comfortable and confident.   Putting together the total package.  It’s so much fun, because you can wear the same outfit many times with different accessories, and it feels and looks totally different.  I love changing my outfits with jewelry, because it is the only thing that can take you from a casual work day to out on the town…without changing  anything else!  I always keep a pair of big earrings in my purse in case an occasion arrises! haha!  It can change the way I look and feel immediately!

3. How would you describe your design aesthetic and the type of women you design for? I love classic with a twist!  I try to follow the latest trends, but still always keep pieces a little on the classic side.  Nothing too out there!  I try to create a collection for women ages 18-45 that want to stay on trend with jewelry that can a pop to their current wardrobe. 

4. What is the typical day in the life of Caroline Hill? or in the Caroline Hill offices? Total chaos!  But lots of fun!  We have a great team and there is lots of laughter involved. 

5. Biggest Inspiration? My grandmother is one of my biggest inspirations.  She always wears amazing jewelry and has incredible bags.  I was always a clothes junky, and she made me realize just how much a single piece of jewelry or bag can completely change your look.  Then I became obsessed with accessories! 

6. Whats next for Caroline Hill? I would love to eventually have my own clothing line!  Right now, we are working on expanding our handbags, scarves, and always more jewelry!

Be sure to check out our selection of Caroline Hill accessories in both the Murfreesboro and Nashville locations!

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