Sometimes something SO good is not worth waiting for…am I right?  We have all been there.  We see something insanely good; however, our conscious supersedes and convinces us to to wait.  While that feeling often is beneficial, in the fashion world not so much.  Ladies, when something is SO good….it’s totally going to be ever-SO-gone!

Insert e.Allen’s newest clientele concept, the Flash Sale.  We have created a way for our Social Media-savvy customers to snatch up some new arrivals before they even hit the floor.  While slow and steady often wins the race… this case, if you are not first you are last….and no one wants their closet to settle for last place in the fashion race!

Here’s the concept.  Beginning March 8th, 3 fantastic new arrival pieces will be featured on our Insta account.  These selections will be posted as a preview via Instagram post at 2 pm.  At 4 pm, these items will appear through our Insta story.

The three chosen items will be offered while supplies last and for that Sunday only at 15% off.  The only way to successfully snag these highly coveted pieces will be to purchase through our website.  You may not place on hold.  You may not call.  In order to make e.Allen’s Flash Sale concept fair game, a level playing field MUST be set in stone.

e.Allen customers….get ready, get your timers set, and go!  This shopping experience is sure to get us spring ready in a competitive and fun way.  Enjoy a discount and be first….what a winning combo heading into a heck of a fashion-filled season!